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Our History

The original Antique show began with the Lindsay Song Spinners, Sweet Adeline Inc., as host in 1970 and was held mid-week at the Victoria Park Armoury on Kent Street. Antique Dealers from across Ontario came to display and sell their precious items. Traditionally, the Song Spinners sang and entertained both dealers & patrons with piano tunes and old-time melodies. The Ladies offered homemade pies, cakes and other lunch items.

After twenty-two years of sponsoring this well-respected and notable event, the Song Spinners handed the reins over to the Lindsay Kinette Club who hosted the show for three years. In 1996, when the Lindsay Kinette Club disbanded, A Place Called Home was pleased to be given the opportunity to host this event and has continued to do so for the past 15 years.

The profits from this show have continued to support community initiatives. The first Hosts, the ’Song Spinners’, used the funds to support their ‘Sweet Adeline ‘choir, the ‘Lindsay Kinette Club’ used the funds to help their community efforts and currently ‘A Place Called Home’ uses the profits to help support our homeless, ensuring that everyone has a safe place to return to at the end of the day. This show has proven to be a win/win event for Antique Lovers, Antique Dealers and to our Community and we look forward to continuing this tradition.

In 1970, summer in the Kawartha Lakes saw families coming to their cottages for most of the season (wives and children moved in for the summer while husbands commuted up to the cottage on the weekends). A midweek show was an ideal time to attract tourists to an event. With changing times, and more women working outside the home, our summer visitors came to their cottages more on the weekend – so in 2006, we moved our show to a weekend to accommodate the increase in weekend tourists and locals who worked through the week.

This year, 2016, we will be returning to our founding facility at the Victoria Park Armoury and look forward to a great show.

Over the years, many changes have occurred but some things remain the same, such as the commitment to offer a quality show, the enthusiasm of our Dealers who return each year (some participated in the original show in 1970) and the dedication of all the volunteers who have worked over the years to help with this great show. Our show continues to attract antique lovers and we welcome all to this very special event.


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